Local Search Marketing

Our SEO experts and website specialists are here to consult and provide advice to our clients. This means we don’t have a sales team. You will speak directly to our Forensic SEO and CRO experts. It’s up to you to schedule your complimentary demo today.

Brand Visibility, Tracked, Activated By Organic And Authentic Marketing Moves

Marketing For Greatness is a boutique-sized marketing firm in Austin, Texas, that focuses on the forensic component of digital marketing. The forensic component exists in many disciplines:
Founder Jessica Campos saw how business owners needed to master their numbers in order to grow and she decided to “decode” coder’s language and help business owners to make a marketing plan.
“I speak 3 languages: Spanish, English, and SEO.” – Jessica Campos
After seeing the dramatic impact of SEO, we decided to stay away from traditional marketing tactics and put all the efforts to deploy ONE STRATEGIC PLAN.

Yes, ONE PLAN. The plan is brand visibility, tracked, activated by organic and authentic marketing moves. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s this simple.

The Forensic Search Engine Marketing Approach

ONE PLAN. The plan is brand visibility, tracked, activated by organic and authentic marketing moves. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

A Holistic approach. Instead of having multiple channels and promotions via… PPC, Ads, email marketing funnels, and hype-based plans… Anyone who has paid Google AdWords will know it’s like gambling. 🤷‍♀️

Granular Marketing. Our ONE PLAN approach has a granular conversion model. No more of “where is my ROI from marketing?” We have a CRO Expert with a proprietary tracking model. It’s visibility, organic, authentic, and tracked.

Only pay for what you need. Marketing agencies have a pricing model where they are forced to lag their results. We are a marketing firm and operate in the consulting model. You only pay for what you need. No hidden add-ons, no monthly bills.

Local Seach Marketing

What is local search? Local search marketing combines Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SEM) to get your business on the map so that potential clients FIND you, instead of you CHASING them.
We expand your visibility without you:
Finally! Realtors, insurance agents, professionals who don’t have a website SEO ready … The ONE PLAN works for you too!
We can also take care of the more advanced projects for e-commerce, subscription models, and consult for marketing teams.

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