Road Test Program

Road Test Program

Road Test Program is designed for Road test with Driver Services. This package includes one warm up lesson which will help brush up their skills and resolving concern student may have before their road test. This includes Pick up, use our academy vehicle for their test and back home.


Course Details

Lesson One-on-One
Format Pre Trip & On Road Training
Duration 60 Min
Cost CAD $150
ICBC’s fees are not included in our Prices

What do our driving courses aim at?

In today’s busy and hectic schedule, people are always running short of time. Our courses aim to provide flexibility and comfort to the learners anytime, anywhere.
Our ultimate aim is to deliver positive results through the courses by bringing about a transformation while driving on the road. Our exceptional courses provide quality driving lessons to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities.
Our courses provide in-depth knowledge about the various techniques related to driving. We have invested a lot of time and expertise to enrich our driving courses.
We want to generate interest and curiosity in the driving world about education for drivers. Safety while driving on the road means all your near and dear ones are completely safe and protected.