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Elegant Driving Academy, A Registered driving school with ICBC. We provide different lesson plan covering Class 4R, 5 and 7. Currently We provide services in Surrey, Delta & Langley.

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Elegant Driving Academy has designed classes with the busy student in mind. We have a very flexible system of classes that allows students to take the classes in any order they wish and at their own pace. In some schools you have a very strict schedule for taking the classes and this does not work into a lot of the current schedules of kids busy lives.

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Common Questions about Driving Courses

Affordable, Effective and Convenient Driving Lessons in Elegant Driving Academy
Schools are here to give you foundation but Practice makes these foundation solid. Here are some great tips:
It’s important that Students are aware of other risks they might face, like vehicle problems, peer pressure, and distractions. Maintain low-risk driving environments
Quiet streets: Take your teen out on quiet streets and in daylight hours for as long as you feel necessary.
Minimal risk: Ensure your teen’s first challenging drive has minimal risk. If it’s their first time on a highway, take them out in daylight with lower traffic levels.
Avoid rush hour: Try driving during less busy hours until your teen feels more confident.
Practice with variety: When your teen is more confident, ensure they get practice in different weather, times of day, and locations.
Our Instructors would be happy to complete a 1-hour Simulated Road Test so they can advise you of your current strengths and skills as well as any habits that may require additional practice prior to testing

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